16 February 2012

What To Eat at Eat.St

It's been several months since eat.st graced the culinary wasteland of King's Cross with its presence so I thought it was about time I did a round-up of some of my favourite food stalls. Every week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the little patch of land between the back of King's Cross and St Pancras stations (well, technically between a giant building site and St Pancras) the pedestrianized walkway that has sprung up becomes populated with about four different food stalls, offering anything from kimchi to ice cream sundaes. The combination of stalls changes each day and for a while, I felt like I was a losing streak because I tended to go on Thursdays, where the stalls didn't suit my tastes so well. Now, though, they seem to mix it up a bit more and today, all three of my favourite stalls were there (but I only got food from one of them). So, in reverse order:

3. The Ribman. In those weeks where my diet has been rather protein deficient, The Ribman is my first port of call. They serve babyback ribs and rolls and wraps generously stuffed with juicy, tender rib meat.  I would personally avoid the hot sauce, because I'm a wuss, but the BBQ sauce is great. A much more filling alternative to a bacon sarnie but not ideal for vegetarians.

2. Homeslice. Making mediocre pizza is really easy but perfect, thin, crispy, flavoursome pizza is much more tricky. Nonetheless, Homeslice manage it using their amazingly portable wood fire. Each pizza cooks in about a minute and £3 will buy you a generous slice, although it's so tasty you'll probably want to opt for the two for £5 deal. Because I'm boring, I always have the margherita (which is great: both the tomato sauce and the mozzarella are really good) but they also do chorizo and rocket, and artichoke and zucchini.

1. The Bowler. My favourite stall is also a relatively recent discovery. My trip to Sweden last year turned me on to meatballs and in London, they still seem to be in vogue.

The Bowler
For £4.50, The Bowler will give you a box containing two big meatballs, some chunky pennoni pasta, salad, coriander, sour cream and spicy tomato sauce (or, if you're me, a light dab of spicy sauce), which is my kind of lunch. And the meatballs aren't the bite-size things you might find in your school canteen lunch; they require several bites (and ideally a knife) to consume. They do other meal deals or you can just have a single meatball "shot" if you're that way inclined.

I meant to take a photo before I started eating but the food was too tempting.

Bonus (best name): Hardcore Prawn.

I haven't eaten at every single eat.st stall yet so I may discover new favourites. I've never seen Lucky Chip--a purveyor of burgers--there, for example, and I haven't got round to trying the mac 'n' cheese either. Healthier options are available, by the way but I don't tend to find them as filling or good value.

Edit (Oct/12): eat.st has now been rebranded as Kerb Food

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