30 January 2012

Glossybox January 2012 - a Brighter Shade of Pink

My January 2012 Glossybox finally showed up this morning. Technically, it wasn't late as Glossybox warned us before Christmas that they were taking a longer break over Christmas and so we might expect a later-than-usual January box, but I have had one eye on the post tray at work for the past week or so. Before I get into this month's box, you can read my reactions to the December Glossybox here; I have now used all five of the products, including the Bionova eye wrinkle treatment, and I like them all a lot, although I probably won't be repurchasing any of them (I love the nail varnish but it was a nightmare to remove, as glittery polishes often are).

As for January, here is what I thought. This month's boxes were a pretty hot pink colour (also known as Birchbox pink), which I prefer to the usual Glossybox shade of pale pink. Apparently, this is because this month's box is a pink-themed Valentine's Day special (presumably because by the time next month's boxes arrive, V-Day will be over).  The products were wrapped in tissue, sealed with a pink heart sticker and wrapped in grey ribbon--oh and with a piece of pink Glossybox rock. Once again, I received five products and although I liked and will probably use them all, I didn't love any of them.

1. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in black (full size). I usually wear midnight blue or charcoal grey eyeliner but it's good to add a black one to my collection. The long handle makes it easy to apply, especially for people like me, whose hands are less than steady. I found the pencil a little harsh on my eyelid but then I'm used to super-smooth liners, like the Big & Bright Eyeliner from Bare Minerals. £9.50

January 2012 Glossybox

2. Clarins Extra-Firming Night Cream (15 ml). I'm very fussy about the facial moisturisers I use during the day (they must contain SPF and I must like the fragrance and texture), I don't have the same issues with night creams. I usually use a cheap Simple cream, topped up with posh hand-me-downs from Maman or samples. This Clarins cream smells a little like sun cream--not enough to bother me--and doesn't feel too heavy for my combination skin. I would definitely take this with me when travelling. £48 for the 50 ml full size.
3. Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream (15 ml). Like #2 but for daytime use. The fragrance is similar to the night cream and although it absorbs well into my skin, I'm not wild about the texture. I would use this if I was wearing a tinted moisturiser with SPF or if I had run out of my moisturiser of choice (Philosophy's Hope in a Jar SPF 25, sadly not available in the UK) but it's not really my thing. £46.50 for the 50 ml full size.

4. FAB Body Moisturiser (2 oz). FAB stands for First Aid Beauty and I don't know much about the brand, although I have seen it before, either in John Lewis or, perhaps, in a previous beauty box. According to the card that comes with the box, I am supposed to have received FAB's body wash, which would have been much better. For years, I didn't really use body lotions and now, I have a stockpile of them, so another one wasn't really necessary. This feels nice, though, so I will probably start using it now until it runs out. £13 for the 8 oz full size.

Top (L-R): Murad primer, FAB body moisturiser, Clarins day cream, Clarins night cream. Bottom: Eyeko eyeliner.

5. Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - dewy finish (5 ml). This might be my favourite product in the box. I haven't worn it on my face for a whole day but I tested it earlier and it blends smoothly into my skin. If it can indeed "ignite a radiant glow" on my face, as promised, while minimising my pores, I will be sold. £29 for the 30 ml full size.

The total value of the products in this Glossybox is about £46 (each Clarins sample is worth about £14). Their value to me will be less than that if I'm only using the products for the sake of it, but this month's box is definitely worth a lot more to me than its £12.95 cost.

Overall rating: 3.5/5. There isn't really much to complain about in this Glossybox as I can and probably will use all of the products. As I mentioned before, though, there wasn't a real stand-out product for me, and it is a slight shame that there were so many moisturising products in the box when my beauty cabinet tends to be best stocked in that area.

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