17 December 2011

Daunt Books Tote Bag Update

Shortly after I posted my tote bag gift guide last week, I spotted a new variation of a very familiar bag, while walking along Marylebone High Street: it was the Daunt Books tote but in a deep crimson colour, rather than the standard racing green.

I stopped by Daunt today to try to track the bag down and I was a little worried when only the green bag was on display but when I asked, the sales assistant had a supply underneath the counter. They cost £8, like the green ones, but are limited edition--when they run out, they won't be making more. As the dark green isn't really my colour, I decided to snap one up (and I even bought a book!).

And although part of the point of these bags is to allow them to be as sun-faded or otherwise old-looking as possible, reflecting how long you've been a Daunt devotee, I think the new crimson totes would make a great present, especially for a bibliophile--or a Marylebone maven.

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