01 December 2011

Cold Ways Kill Cool Lovers

I first came across Annie Clark, AKA St Vincent, over four years ago at a random gig on a crazy trip to San Francisco. I really enjoyed her voice and her lyrics but although someone gave me a copy of her debut album, I had sort of forgotten about her. As for The National, I discovered them via Radio Paradise, although assorted people, ranging from The Bro to my boss seem amazed that I have heard of them. Fake Empire and Slow Show are well within my top 100 most played iTunes songs and, unusually for me, I often listen to both Boxer and High Violet as albums (I prefer the latter overall but the former has more stand-out songs).

You can imagine, then, how pleased I was to find a copy of a St Vincent-The National collaboration on one of Caitlyn's recent playlists. It's called Sleep All Summer and is, apparently, a cover of a Crooked Fingers song (not that I've heard of that band). I do love listening to Matt Berninger's deep, soulful tones, which are complemented very well by Clark's sound. And the lyrics are lovely if rather sad.

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