09 October 2011


Friday was my parents' wedding anniversary and although I told them I didn't want to cramp their style, they insisted that I join them for dinner at Jamie's in Oxford. Of course, I soon realised that my main role was as their designated driver but as I was still suffering from the tail end of a cold, I didn't really mind. Jamie's was good, as ever, although perhaps worrying that there was no queue on a Friday night in term time. Oh, and the waitress's use of the "really nice" about six times during her description of each special grated somewhat but as she was able to secure the lamb special for Maman, after telling her it had suddenly sold out, did win her brownie points. I just had a brownie, described as the "ultimate" brownie but it was neither my last nor my best. It was "really nice" but with raspberries and amaretti and a more cake-like consistency, not my usual brownie preference.

Yesterday, after a perhaps ill-advised morning run around Christ Church meadow and some espresso from Oxford's most reliable purveyor of caffeine, The Missing Bean, I borrowed Papa's car and drove into Oxford to meet Lost in Translation for lunch at Mission Burrito. Oxford too, it seems, has jumped on the growing trend for Mexican eateries in the UK. Mission was good--the burritos were tasty and filling and the loud, privileged chatter of Oxford students gave the place some energy. I wasn't quite ready to give the Beamer back yet though so I decided to drive to Bicester Village. Sadly, the main shop I wanted to visit--Theory--had gone and I didn't buy anything. It was nice to be back behind a steering wheel again though.

Today, Maman and I were on a pilgrimage to the Pays Noir. We had mediocre pub grub with Maman's father in Pelsall (my scampi and chips were fine, even if they probably came out of the freezer) and then we went to visit Papa's parents. I could have done with a quieter weekend, really, to see off my cold but fun was definitely had.

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