16 September 2011

NYC: Posh and Bex

After my run, Mum and I walked down Madison to Union Square. We wanted to visit Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace but it was closed so we settled for a hot beverage at Everyman Espresso (macchiato for moi, breakfast tea for Mum).

Then we met Dad at his company's NYC office, a few blocks from the north end of the High Line. It had been hot and intermittently sunny all morning but then, as forecast, the heavens opened. We sought shelter under the High Line and found that there were plenty of tables and a couple of food trucks. We opted for Mexican and enjoyed our tacos while watching the rain fall. By the time we had finished, the sun was out again and we were able to walk the length of the High Line, even managing a leap or two.

Let loose in SoHo for a few hours, I was relatively well behaved until I found a new boutique on Broadway called Aritzia, which had lots of cool, smart-casual clothes in nice colours. Best of all, they stocked some blazers from a brand called Talula, which I remembered a petite blogger had praised. Sure enough, the heather grey blazer I tried fitted perfectly and I ended up buying a pretty navy, pleated skirt with purple and pink pattens too, although I did manage to restrain myself from buying a lovely, pink, all-weather running top from Lululemon.

On the way to try out a new-to-me coffee bar, La Colombe Torrefaction, I saw a huge crowd outside Marc Jacobs. It turned out that Victoria Beckham was inside and they had closed the shop for her. I didn't see her, partly because the paparazzi were there with their stepladders and giant cameras and partly because she was in the changing room. I waited for a couple of minutes but then it started to rain again and I realised that I didn't really care about seeing Posh Spice.

We went for dinner with some of Dad's NYC colleagues in the Meatpacking District. We were supposed to go to the trendy steak joint STK, but we had booked a table on the rooftop terrace and it was pouring down with rain so we had to dine elsewhere—at Paradou, just down the street, to be precise. Paradou wasn't as hip as STK but it was much cooler, partly because we were in the tent-like extension out the back and they couldn't work out how to turn off the air con. The entrecĂ´te and potato gratin were very good, however.

Initially, I greeted the cooler climes that accompanied the rain with open arms—yesterday was just too humid—now, though, I'm really glad I have a jacket, two scarves and my boots. Fall, it seems, has fallen upon us.

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