13 September 2011

*Now* All My Bags Are Packed

OK, I lied. This will be my last post before Manhattan. As always, it takes me very little time to pack because I like to travel light. Into my 47x34 cm Kipling case, I packed the following for an almost-four-day trip:
  • Two dresses (I'll be wearing the third tomorrow)
  • One cardigan (I'll wear the other one)
  • Two vest tops (in case I buy any skirts while I'm in NYC)
  • Leggings (to sleep in and for the return plane journey)
  • Underwear
  • My new grey scarf
  • Running kit: vest, shorts, trainers, water bottle
  • Ballet flats and flip flops (I'll be wearing my boots)
  • Toiletries and make-up
  • Sunglasses and brolly (hopefully, only the former will be necessary)
  • Turquoise wristlet (containing a necklace, a bracelet and the device that allows me to connect my camera's SD card to my iPad)

Once I've properly packed my toiletries and scarf in the morning, there will be plenty of room for all my inevitable NYC purchases. I'll be carrying my beloved Mulberry Mitzy onto the plane and she will contain, in order of importance:
  • Passport (no boarding pass as I can apparently use my iPhone)
  • iPhone
  • Wallet, and purse containing my US currency
  • My Moleskine New York city guide and a couple of black rollerballs 
  • Camera
  • iPad
  • A book (Palladio by Jonathan Dee)
  • Water (until it gets confiscated)
  • Drugs (ibuprofen)
  • Chewing gum
  • A mini packet of Haribo

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