01 August 2011

Filling a Hole in the Wall

For a while now, I've been wanting to add some more decoration to one of the remaining blank walls of my bedroom, but I've always procrastinated this decision because there always seemed to be too many options from which to choose.

1. Something to do with movies. There is already the poster from the 62nd Festival de Cannes in my living room (which features L'avventura) but I think that still allows for another movie-related piece in my bedroom. I could choose the poster from one of my all-time favourite films, such as The Last Picture Show or Vertigo, but I don't love either of the designs. Or, I could go for the poster for Never Let Me Go, a film which I liked a great deal, which still haunts me now and whose poster I also like (not just because it has Andrew Garfield on it).

Via MoviePoster.com

2. Something to do with NYC. I have a series of three framed photos on my bedroom wall, which show, I hope, unconventional shots of the Big Apple. One has a view of the Manhattan skyline taken through a chainlink fence on a building site in Brooklyn; another of an Expedia billboard on Broadway from 2006, which reads, "Be nice to tourists. You might be one yourself soon." I love this set of three prints, one of New York, one of London and one of Paris. But although to buy all three and frame them might take up too much space, I don't think they are as cool individually as they are as a set.

Via Blancucha, Etsy

3. Something to do with caffeine. Coffee represents the third part of the triumvirate that is Bex (movies, Manhattan, macchiato; maybe that should be the title of my next blog). I like this design by Sandra Juto, although as I don't use a Moka pot to make my coffee, perhaps it isn't moi enough.

4. Something to do with typography. My inner geek does adore a nice bit of typography, so these posters from Spineless Classics really appeal. They print the entire text of a novel (very, very small) on a poster, working around a design that is relevant to the book. Unfortunately, none of the books they have at the moment are quite right for me (and I can't possibly request a Sweet Valley High print!). Finally, combining my love of typography with my love of maps, these maps from Axis are amazing. The streets, parks, water features and every other part of the maps' design are made from type (i.e. the street/park name). These are awesome but at $60 including shipping (plus the cost of a frame), they are quite expensive. That doesn't mean I won't get one...

Via Axis Maps.

You can see, anyway, that I have a lot of really nice options from which to choose, which inevitably means I just end up choosing none, so any advice is very welcome!

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