29 July 2011

Roving in the 'Rovia

 For once, I actually managed to get out of work early and although I'd hoped to make it to a cheapskate/earlybird movie, it turns out that the only film that's out at the moment that I'd like to see is The Tree of Life and that wasn't on anywhere early or close. Instead, I settled for checking out another new coffee bar--the new branch of Tapped and Packed on ToCoRo. I had somehow never made it to the original branch on Rathbone Place, in Fitzrovia proper, despite it being on my list for a while--probably because I tend to go to Lantana when I'm in that neck of the woods and in need of caffeinating.

Anyway, my macchiato was suitably tasty--rich, smooth and flavoursome--and I liked the cafe's woody, minimalist interiors, particularly the central tree stump, which holds sugars, napkins and other coffee-related paraphernalia, and the large, antique sinks that hold bottled soft drinks on ice. Reimagining Lyle's Black Treacle tins as sugar holders was a nice touch too, and there was just a nice, chilled out, early Friday evening vibe--so nice that it made me wish I could get out of work before five on a more regular basis.

Walking back home through the 'Rovia, I came across a smart-looking new gelateria, called Polka Gelato, serving, Italian-style, artisanal gelato and sorbets. For once, I didn't have much of a sweet tooth this afternoon so I didn't indulge, but I was sorely tempted by flavours like salted caramel and nocciola (and the mojito flavoured sorbet).

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