14 May 2011

Rearranging Deckchairs on Das Boot

After another 24 hours in Cannes, I still haven't managed to spot any celebrities - not that I recognised, anyway. At the launch party for a new lifestyle shop near our flat, there was some old dude who kept smiling at me and putting his VIP pass in a prominent place but I ignored him. Outside the Martinez, meanwhile, I saw a rapper arriving -- possibly called "Bubba." That, sadly, is about it.

The Cinéma de la Plage, however, was very successful. Hundreds of deck chairs were arranged on the beach and Stella Artois-branded fleece blankets were handed out to the film-goers. It was pretty surreal watching Das Boot in German with French subtitles on a beach in Cannes with various loud parties taking place in the background. We only stayed an hour or so but it was good fun.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is debuting today so we'll be on the lookout for Penelope and Johnny. I just wish I could go to see one of the films in the festival.

Edit: It transpires that the elusive Guy Browning is also in town to promote his new movie.

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