16 May 2011

Brangelina and Bogie

Well, I managed to get some photos of Brad Pitt this evening at the première for The Tree of Life this evening — I didn't get any of his co-star Sean Penn, who was also there, but ever the romantic, having mounted the steps outside the Palais des Festivals, Brad went back to get Angelina and the two of them posed for photos together, smiling and holding hands.

Brad & Angelina

Although we arrived about an hour before the start of the film (and 50 minutes before the arrival of Brad et al), the crowds were much bigger than last night. We eventually managed to get to a reasonable spot, albeit with a fence blocking some of my view, and saw Jude Law, Faye Dunaway, Gwen Stefani, Rob Lowe and Isabelle Huppert, among others, on the red carpet. Partly because I was still getting to grips with the zoom and angles and partly because these guys didn't pause for photos on the steps, I failed to take any decent photos. Next time, I'll wear higher heels and maybe bring a phonebook on which to stand.

With aching arms and legs, we went for dinner at a little Italian nearby where the food was nice and the service was great until it was time to get the bill, which took 30 minutes. We had a date with Humphrey Bogart, you see: The Caine Mutiny was the film du jour at the Cinéma de la Plage. Even with the fleece blanket, it was pretty chilly on the beach but I enjoyed the film. Then, we hurried back home along the Croisette alongside numerous black-tie-clad peeps, for whom the night was clearly just beginning...

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