11 January 2011

Myriad Movies

I don't really care much about TV (well, apart from Mad Men and The Apprentice; oh, and Gossip Girl) but I do care about movies. As such, I'm quite pleased that I now have access to Sky Player, Sky's online catch-up and live streaming service for their customers, each of whom gets to pick one computer for full access to all their content. I don't have Sky, of course (I don't even have a TV), but Papa has selected the laptop he keeps in my flat as the Über-Computer.

Not that I've forgiven Rupert Murdoch for buying Mad Men and taking it away from BBC 4, either, but it does mean I have access to quite a large database of movies, many of which I would like to watch. The trouble is, where to start? The original Ocean's 11? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? The Young Victoria? Being me, I'll probably just go through the A-Z, pick out all the films I want to see and put an asterisk next to those I most want to see and then work through my list.

The archive may only include films that have been shown on TV within the past X days, which means some will disappear from the archive, complicating matters, but it will still be cool to be able to watch a decent movie any time I feel like it, just like my Skyful teenage years.

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