18 December 2010

Winter, Er, Wonderland

A prodigious amount of snow has fallen on London Town today. It was quite pretty earlier but is now mainly grey or black slush and has also thrown off my running schedule, so much so that I'm considering going to a gym. Boo. On the other hand, if the weather agrees to improve by Thursday so that my flight to Cannes is unaffected, I will promise not to complain about it any more. Even though I'm already wintered out.

Regent's Park did look lovely, although the herons, geese and squirrels were rather less impressed. Regent Street, meanwhile, was slightly quieter than I expected, presumably because fewer people ventured out into the city centre. I remind myself that I am lucky to have been able to go shopping at all today, given that my parents, who live on a very steep hill in The Shire, were pretty much snowed in.

The inclement weather clearly didn't cramp my style too much either as while waiting by the entrance of the Anthropologie changing rooms for an assistant to bring me a top in a different size, I was mistaken for an Anthropologie sales assistant by four separate customers. I took it as a compliment; if I was allowed to have a staff discount, I might even have bought the top. The real staff members, of course, were far too busy worrying about the fact that there was a summer dress without a jacket over it in the shop window; sackable offence, I think.

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