27 December 2010

The Blonde Leading the Blonde

Four days of country life in The Shire was all it took for me to start craving city life again (actually, I was mainly getting fed up of wearing my snow boots and shivering in my autumn-/spring-weight coat). Today, then, after a morning gym trip, we drove back in to the Big Smoke. We had lunch at Bill's, the newly opened Covent Garden branch of a Sussex purveyor of posh groceries, breakfast and brunch I visited a few times while going out with The Ex, who was from those parts. The London branch was just bustling enough but with no queues today and my BLT (minus the T) was very tasty. It's a great place for a quick breakfast or lunch, afternoon tea or post-theatre pudding; the service was a little erratic but not bad given that there were only two waitresses for the whole place.

Then it was theatre time. We had tickets for Legally Blonde, which I've been keen on seeing since its rave reviews earlier in the year. The movie version was one of my "comfort films" that I've watched many a time when I wanted something funny and frothy and not requiring too much in the way of brainpower. Unfortunately, Sheridan Smith, the star, was replaced by her alternate today, but she was still good, as was Denise van Outen. I did enjoy the musical but while the constant high-pitched interjections of, "like, no way, OMG!" from many of the female characters in the movie tended to be brief enough not to cause too much disruption, in the musical, they formed the basis of too many of the songs. Laughs were had but there weren't any standout songs (not that that stopped Papa buying the soundtrack).

The Bro had to rush back to The Shire to meet up with various of his school friends but the rest of us managed some Christmas shopping before dinner at Le Caprice. In my search for the best burger in London, Le Caprice scored pretty highly -- the meat was perfectly medium rare, as requested, and the pickle and other accompaniments came on the side, as requested. My starter, pumpkin tortelloni with parmesan, was also delicious and a small enough portion for me to manage the burger too (although not a pudding). 

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