17 November 2010

NYC: Au Revoir, Nouvelle York

State plates spotted: 38
Mad Men locations visited: 4

After an action-packed birthday, I awoke on Monday feeling completely out of sorts, so much so that I had to drop out of the planned trip to walk over Brooklyn Bridge followed by a big breakfast to celebrate Maman's birthday in favour of resting up in bed. I did make it out to lunch at the Trattoria dell'Arte although to the waiter's bemusement, I didn't even eat the bread, delicious as it usually is, let alone the pizza or "parmesan and prosciutto muffins—just out of the oven."

A last wander around Manhattan and a last bit of shopping was all I could manage before it was time to head to the airport. I was extremely grateful to be flying Club as seven hours in economy in my weakened state would not have been fun.

Today, of course, it was back to the office and back to another few months in London Town before it's time to escape again. Normally, I love living in London but somehow, after five days in New York, it always feels like it's lost its lustre. And not just because of the inferior shops. Still, I'm sure I'll be back again before too long.

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