18 January 2010

Beyond the 800-Year-Old Rainbow

My alma mater is having something of a celebration having reached the ripe old age of 800. Actually, it turned 800 last year but apparently with all of last year's fun and games, they must have ran out of time for the grand finale--because sure, there's always so much going on in Nowheresville. Anyway, the said grand finale turned out to be a little son et lumière show, which I thought sounded a bit lame and which meant I didn't bring my camera into work today. This was a shame because it was actually very pretty and apparently so newsworthy that it even made the London free newspaper this morning.

Undeterred, I made a little detour to Market Square on my way home this evening, just in time to see Senate House--the very building in which I obtained my BA and my (ah hem) MA only a short time ago--all lit up and with a seriously cool PowerPoint presentation projected onto its walls. Nowheresville as you have never seen it before... There were also some crazy ass bells ringing too, which I suppose counted towards the son part of the entertainment.

I had no time to stop and stare so I just snapped a few iPhone pics by precariously sticking my hand between the bars of the fence around Senate House. Not a bad sight for what may well be my penultimate Monday in Nowheresville--ever. Well, until St Jocks' turns 500 next year and if they want me to ever donate money to the college, they had better have a really kick-ass party and they had better invite me. Then again, perhaps I'd settle for Clive Owen's image being projected across New Court...

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