02 November 2009

Saving the Date

The clocks went back again last night, which left me temporarily temporally confused--this is the third time in eight days that I'd gained hours, not that I'm complaining. I was, however, worried about my iPhone, which is even more confused than I am. On Saturday morning, my phone alarm went off at 7.39 a.m., as planned, but bizarrely, it was still very dark outside--much darker than on Friday at the same time. Nonetheless, I got up, started hunting for my trainers and turned on my computer to check the temperature. It was only when I saw my laptop was showing the time as 7.45 a.m. that I realised the time was really 7.39 a.m. in the UK and that my phone had reset its time to the UK time (I later discovered this happens whenever I sync the phone with my laptop). I was thus worried that this morning, my phone would automatically change out of daylight savings time, messing up my alarm time so I also set an eight-hour countdown timer just in case.

I was pounding the pavements of Eighth Avenue by seven a.m. (new time) and in Central Park five minutes later. It had been my plan to run the six miles of the full park loop but the set-up for the marathon interfered for this so not only did I have to run anti-clockwise not clockwise (very anti-zen) but I had to make various detours along the way. Still, I ran the three miles of the marathon and then an extra five miles before detouring to Sarabeth's on Central Park South for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and a great view of the park. So much for early morning virtue... Breakfast and coffee were great though.

After a quick manicure at Bloomie Nails, I headed up to the Frick Collection for some bargain token culcha--Sunday morning is pay what you wish there, which in my case was all my $1 bills (two), and was very good value. After a bit of final midtown shopping, I headed to the 55th Street restaurant where I was meeting my parents and their friends for lunch after one of Maman's friends had finished the marathon. Rendez-vous-ing with her proved more complicated than planned, delaying the lunch, but she was glowing and very excited to have completed her second NYC marathon (and eighth overall). So much so that she convinced me to enter the lottery for a place in next year's NYC marathon. If I get in, then great, and I will be sure to train properly (hey, with the excuse of a guaranteed New York trip next November, how could I refuse?) and if I don't, there's always the year after.

I spent the last few hours in SoHo, double-checking that J. Crew and Lululemon didn't have any further items with which to tempt me and procuring some cupcakes before speeding back up town and to the airport. Now, I wait in the BA Club Lounge, crossing my fingers for an upgrade but without much optimism. There was a huge queue at the First Class check-in, including at least one 20-person entourage of someone important, which means Club and Premium Economy are probably full. Ah well; at least I've got a window seat so some shut eye might be possible.

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