28 October 2009

To Do and To Done

I'm usually a bit more hyper than this the night before a Manhattan migration and yet I seem to be in more of a state of zen-like calm rather than any type of mood which might force me to start actually preparing for tomorrow's holiday. This is why I find myself catching up on Gossip Girl and the so-bad-it's-OMG Trinity rather than doing any of the following--more useful--things:

1. Pack. OK, so my small suitcase does already contain my passport, my New York Moleskine, my running kit and my camera and to be fair, I don't really need a lot more than this. Well, I hope I don't need too many more clothes--after last winter's disappointing NYC shopping haul, I am optimistic that my materialistic needs will be better met on this visit.

2. Write down the details of my hotel (including the address for the Visa Waiver form), flights and other crucial information in my Moleskine so I can access it if I am iPhone-network-less on the other side.

3. Turn off data-roaming on the iPhone; otherwise, a few emails could generate quite a bill.

4. Update my New York Moleskine to include all of the new places I've heard about and would like to try since the last time I visited. Also, try to highlight some that I definitely want to go to so that I don't feel I've missed out. (This could possibly be done on the eight hour flight tomorrow...)

5. Work out what time I need to get up and leave tomorrow in order to reach the Heathrow Express with enough time for some T5 chilling (and hopefully, BA Club Lounge time) at the airport.

6. Get some dollars. I currently have a total of $3.66, which won't get me very far. Sure, I pay for almost everything on my card but it's nice to have some greenbacks to hand, just in case. (It may possibly be too late to do this now.)

I have achieved some things though:
1. All the washing up is done and the flat is reasonably tidy.

2. Checked the exchange rate. The one good thing about having $1.40 to the pound in January is that $1.64 to the pound now seems like a really good rate.

3. Nails are grown. They aren't very long, thanks to a prolonged period of stress two weeks ago but they aren't too hideous either. I am not going to post a picture, though, because my nail varnish is manky and peeling off and painted on Sunday with very unsteady hands.

4. Synched all my podcasts onto the iPhone and onto my running iPod (the Shuffle).

5. I think four things is quite enough to achieve for one evening.

Now it's suitcase time, methinks.

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