06 February 2009

The Bridges of Madison Avenue

I was slightly worried as to how I would cope over the next month while Gossip Girl goes on hiatus (Americans are muttering something about sweeps; I can't be bothered to find out what that means)--how could they just leave us hanging after the young, female teacher, minutes after getting fired as she is falsely accused with having an inappropriate relationship with a male student at her school, ends the episode by consummating said previously non-existent inappropriate relationship? Actually, it's not that much of a cliffhanger and more than anything, I'll probably miss Daily Intel's weekly Reality Index blog post.

Fear not, though. As I have to be watching exactly one TV programme at any one time, Mad Men has thoughtfully deigned to return to the small screen in the UK next week, so I will still be able to watch my token episode of the week (although not on TV, of course). Now, finally, my patience will be rewarded and I can watch the show in relatively high definition, compared to the crappy quality I would have had if I had streamed it while it was playing in the US. Now, finally, I will be able to find out what happened after the emo-fest that was last season's finale. Given that the new series is said to be set at least a year after the end of the last, I'm guessing that everyone's season one angst will have been resolved--for now, at least, until it resurfaces in a heartbreaking fashion--and replaced by season two levity, bright smiles and the hiding of emotions. 

Of course, the show can't stay emo-free for long so there will be new traumas and new woes. New amazing clothes and hairstyles and new indiscretions. New sharp scripts and sharp suits. New women for D-Squared (I was going to give him until at least episode three but episode one appears to be set on Valentine's Day so there's no chance of that, especially if Betty is "[running] into an old friend"). Having spent last weekend with myriad mad men (and women), I can only imagine...

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