01 January 2009

Under a Blood Red Sky, a Crowd Has Gathered

This was my first New Year's Eve in London in seven years and I have to say that Boris did well with the fireworks. Put off by the warnings that the viewing areas along the river would probably be full by eight and given that we didn't fancy standing outside in the icy weather for four hours, we decided to go to Primrose Hill to watch, which was much closer and had a much more chilled out, fun atmosphere. It was really the best of both worlds as people were letting off their own fireworks on the hill between eleven and twelve and then after midnight, and then the elevated location gave a great view of the skyline and the big, official fireworks. 

[UFO!] Some people were also letting off what looked like lampshades or mini hot air balloons with a fire inside, which floated off into the distance--I kept missing them with my camera, not least because I kept setting it to the fireworks mode only to have to switch back to manual. 

My photos weren't particularly great a) because I didn't have a tripos and although I'd only had a very strong G & T, my hands weren't exactly their steadiest and b) because the fireworks were a couple of miles away and using the zoom wasn't exactly going to solve the problem of blurriness.

The grand finale--the big blur is actually the London Eye, BT Tower and a hella big segue of fireworks, lasers and other exciting visuals.

"All is quiet on New Year's Day
Nothing changes on New Year's Day."

And in their blazing solitude
The stars sang in their sockets through the night:
'Blow bright, blow bright
The coal of this unquickened world.'

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