30 January 2009

Ice Cold on Lex

As promised, New York is freezing cold but I don't care because I'm here. I watched a couple of films on the plane (Dog Day Afternoon and Falling Down), which at least let me put on my headphones and shut out AFC banter. I also read Jay McInerney's new book of short stories (I liked eight out of ten, although they all seem to be a bit samey with recurring motifs and the ever-present idea that fidelity is nothing more than a pipe dream and the different ways people use the word love to get what they want). On landing, I scampered off with a couple of our party and chatted to them throughout the long immigration queue before eventually reaching the outside world. We travelled by coach through the rush-hour traffic into Manhattan and arrived at the hotel. "Remember," says Dad as we enter our room at the Doubletree, "that it's cheap." Actually, we have a suite on the 19th floor with a good view and more floor space than my flat at home.

Maman and I headed straight out to Columbus Circle as the shops were open for another two hours. J. Crew sadly had nothing I wanted (nothing!) although there are still some more branches to try but i did buy some toiletries, which cheered me up a little. We had a  pizza slice and salad downstairs at Whole Foods before bracing ourselves for the icy wind outside. The temperature on one of the buildings along Central Park South read 27 degrees. Two pairs of gloves were not enough so I'm glad I packed plenty of layerable clothing. The plan is to go running with the group (or, at least, by myself) tomorrow morning at eight but a combination of tiredness and coldness may well put me off. Must be brave! And buy a new pair of running gloves as I managed to lose half of the old pair.

Jan 29, 11 p.m. ET.

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