29 August 2008

New York, Mon Amour

After looking forward to the release of Paris, Je T'Aime for months, I never got around to seeing the film, which is made up of 19 (?) short stories, one set in each of Paris's arrondissements, providing a patchwork quilt of Parisian life. Now, it seems that a new film (New York, I Love You) goes one better by doing the same thing for New York. It isn't due out until next year but there is already a teaser trailer online (featuring good, ol' Regina Spektor) and it looks pretty good. The cast is full of the bold and the beautiful too: Natalie Portman (who was also in the Parisian version), Christian Ricci, Kevin Spacey, Orlando "out-acted by the ents in LOTR" Bloom, Rachel "ew!" Bilson, Ethan Hawke and that hot Croatian guy from ER.

I thought I had read that Zach Braff was directing (he of the massacre of L'Ultimo Bacio) but he isn't listed on IMDb, although about ten people are including both The Other Boleyn Girl and her sister. Interesting. There is a good chance that it's full of cheesy schmaltz, just like Love, Actually, but maybe some of the stories will be genuinely poignant and charming instead of OTT.

It's about New York and so the chances of me enjoying it are pretty high, nonetheless. Roll on February...

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