07 May 2008

The Long Walk

Tuesday ended up being a long day but not in a bad way. After breakfast in the lounge, I caught the subway to Brooklyn and walked across Brooklyn Bridge, stopping to enjoy the view with a book, halfway along, and then through Tribeca, SoHo, NoHo and then all the way up to the hotel at 59th Street. It was quite a trek but I find that such walks are a pleasant way of clearing my mind, which was pretty damn busy. I ate sushi in Madison Square Park and raided another two J. Crews. No Clive, though; I guess he must have finished filming that one scene eventually.

I got back to the hotel and made the most of the steam room in the spa, which was pretty relaxing, and then we went for cocktails and "light viands" at the club lounge. I was having internet issues and ended up upsetting the poor, internet-non-savvy concierge, who failed to allow me to complete a simple online task. Even and G and T didn't make me feel better, but it was a gorgeous evening and very pleasant walking down Seventh in my summer dress and boots, carefully avoiding the steam vents. We went to see Boeing Boeing, which was pretty funny. I hadn't heard of the stars, although I recognised Christine Baranski who played Cecile's mother in Cruel Intentions. Plenty of laughs, plenty of farce, plenty of Wisconsin jokes and plenty of blatant stereotypes. The accents were a little shaky at times but it was still a good show.

It was way too late for me to properly enjoy dinner at Bar Americain when we came out at ten. This was a real shame because my steak was absolutely delicious and perfectly medium rare. I ordered some peanut butter/chocolate/ice cream pudding but only managed a couple of mouthfuls. It's such torture being a pudding fan in America as I am so rarely hungry enough to order a pudding. This one was the only one I managed all week. The brother and I then dragged ourselves to Death and Co. in the East Village for a quick mojito before collapsing into bed, realising I had to pack and then re-collapsing into bed.

Not a bad penultimate day...

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