17 February 2008

Mashing Up the Parisian Café Scene

It's clear that I have been deprived from NYC/Paris for too long... Now that I finally have the opportunity to use my pristine Moleskine Paris, I spent a couple of hours today compiling the Google spreadsheet containing lists of all of Paris's bars, restaurants, shops, cafés and places that I can remember visiting. I did already have a bare-bones Excel version but Google is much better - not least because the rest of my family will be asking for Bex's latest guide to Paris before too long.

Hopefully, this next trip will fill the book up a bit more - I've been to Paris dozens of times (there was a time, while I was at primary school, when we would go at least once a term: Dad would fly out on Friday morning in time for a meeting and then Mum, the bro and I would leave school at lunchtime and skip down to Heathrow) but mostly with my parents and mostly before my parents got cool. A few trips with Monsieur E, combined with the wisdom of Gridskipper have helped me update the "trendy bars" section, although a lot can change in a few weeks or months.

In the meantime, I thought I'd try my hand at a Google Maps mashup; the preview thinks this is going to work but I may be too much of an HTML muppet to have entered the code correctly. What should follow below is a list of seven of my favourite cafés and assorted purveyors of coffee, chocolat chaud and other hot beverages. The upshot is that I know now the French for all of the little Googley commands and functions - for some reason, it thought that as I was looking at the Google Map of France, I wanted its info in French! "Essayez avec cette orthographe," for example, is French for "Did you mean...?" Fascinant, n'est ce pas?

Agrandir le plan

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