22 February 2008

It Just Can't Buzz Any Slower

Yes, Oscar-related buzz abounds at the moment, unsurprisingly. Thanks to my frequent visits to the Arts Picture House this year (2008 is seven week weeks old and I have been to the cinema seven films, with another one to come - hopefully - tomorrow), I have actually seen enough of the movies nominated for various Oscars to make it worthwhile picking my favourite in each of the main categories (although this is not a prediction of who will win; I am not the best reader of the mind of the Academy or of the interests of the unwashed masses, for all the influence that my have).

Best picture [I've seen 3]: Juno [Not least because it's good even though it's funny; I think it was a compliment when Papa compared me to Juno.]

Best direction [seen 3]: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly [Artsy-fartsy, fabulous. Music, cinematography and a great, ethereal experience.]

Best actor [seen 1]: DDL [By default; I definitely want to see Michael Clayton but I may have to wait for the DVD.]

Best actress [seen 2]: Ellen Page [She did well - I'm not sure she deserves an Oscar but as the only other film I've seen is Elizabeth I: II, I'd have to say Page gets my vote.]

Best supporting actress [seen 1]: That naughty Briony from Atonement. [Again, by default.]

Best adapted screenplay [seen 3]: There Will Be Blood

Best original screenplay [seen 1]: Juno [By default, but the screenplay was great anyway, even if old fogies like to say that no one really speaks like the characters in that movie do; I guess they never really noticed Dawson's Creek, in which all of the characters are unusually loquacious but that's hardly the point.]

Best music [seen 1]: Atonement [I probably would have voted for this anyway; I really like the score, especially Elegy for Dunkirk, which accompanies that epic five-minute shot of the beaches of Dunkirk that will probably in itself scoop the Best Cinematography award, even if it is a vanity shot. I'm surprised There Will Be Blood isn't nominated as that score was great too. As for best non-score music, Juno had a good mix of Bexquisite-friendly tunes (apart from the Kimya Dawson and Moldy Peaches stuff), and the music of The Diving Bell tickled my fancy too.]

I don't think I've seen enough/any films in the other categories to go through the motions. I don't think my favourites will do very well against the actual results but rather like a (consistently inconsistent) Wolves match, the Oscars are predictably unpredictable.

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