23 October 2007

SoHo, Sienna and Serendipitous Hot Chocolate

After a rather late and mojito-filled night, I wasn't overjoyed to be woken by my parents at about six-thirty. Still, a hot shower and coffee (even if it was an Au Bon Pain crappuccino) made me feel a whole lot better and I persuaded the parental units to catch the subway down to SoHo for breakfast.

We went to the Vesuvio Bakery for breakfast, which is most famous for appearing in the background of the Tropicana advert (because Floridian OJ really makes you think of downtown New York). They managed to serve a pretty good cappuccino and a delicious poppy (yay!) bagel with a side of extra-crispy bacon (just the way I like it). We were just leaving when the teenage fangirl in me spotted Sienna Miller heading into the very same breakfasterie we had just left so I took the obligatory photo of Maman's ear with Sienna taking up most of the photo.

After a brief amble around the farmers' market on Union Square and the Flat Iron Building, we walked up to Bloomingdales for more shopping, this time accompanied by the family friends. I managed to buy a new jumper before we took a ride on the Roosevelt Island Cable Car (unlike in San Francisco, the cable car was actually a cable car) and then went for lunch at Serendipity.

Serendipity entered my sphere of consciousness thanks to the John Cusack-Kate Beckinsdale film of the same name. Cheesy rom-com that it was, who could resist the romance of New York at Christmastime and a pair of will-they, won't-they lovers? Anyway, said lovers went on a date to Serendipity and the last time I went, I mistakenly ordered the creatively named Catcher in the Rye Bread, so couldn't manage a pudding at all, which is a pity when puddings are what Serendipity does best (maybe that's why all NYC kids are so well behaved: they know that if they are good their parents will take them to Serendipity on Saturday). This time, I only had a salad but I still wasn't hungry enough to order the gorgeous looking sundaes, instead settling for some Serendipitous Hot Chocolate (grrr...).

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