28 October 2007

Got Fall?

While uploading some of my holiday photos to the (no longer quite so irritating but still damn slow) flickr this morning, I was reminded of the striking contrast between autumn in Nowheresville and autumn in Mont Tremblant, just north of Montreal. Here are two photos of the same ilk, for comparison; I don't need to say which is which.

Despite this, as I have said before, Cambridge does look very pretty in the autumn and I have always found walking through autumn leaves to be very satisfying, along with various other seasonal activities. This is possibly because I am an autumn child and had my birthday and both of my parents' birthdays to look forward to as well as Bonfire Night and Halloween (not that I was ever allowed to do anything fun for Halloween, such as trick or treating, as Maman didn't approve of us harassing people; instead we had to stay inside and watch the local youths egg our house as we were posh). Fireworks, long, brisk walks, the central heating going on...what's not to like about autumn?

Here is a further selection of my recent photographic efforts, mostly from New York (top: The Empire State Building and Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge; The Moody Met; bottom: Flags at the Rockefeller; MoMA; St Patrick's Cathedral by Night)

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