30 September 2007

Rediscovered Nostalgia?

I finally got to the end of Gravity's Rainbow and feel like it's going to be at least another read-through before I fully get to grips with the text. It really needs a more careful reading and I'm too impatient (in reading, as in other things) to give it the attention it requires. I failed to find my nostalgia quotation too although with the help of Google and Google Book Search, I think I may have found it:

For this crew, nostalgia is like seasickness: only the hope of dying from it is keeping them alive.

The quotation isn't the same as I remember but it has the same contradictoriness so I can only assume that my nostalgia for the perfect quotation was sadly misplaced. Also, I already looked this up on Google Book Search and couldn't find it so they must have added a page or two.

Good. Mystery solved. Only, it isn't half as satisfying as I imagined. Anticipation and pleasure reigning again... C'est normal.

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