20 September 2007


In my desperate attempts to plan my impending vacation at the last second, I am now trawling Gawker, my New York City blog of choice (from which I had to unsubscribe as there tended to be too much celebrity gossip and not enough Manhattan), to find new, cool and other places of caffeine and mojitos to add to my Moleskine NYC (now, coming along nicely; the Moleskine San Francisco is most jealous).

One cool site I rediscovered was Gridskipper, which is a travel/city life blog with integrated Google Map mash-up. For example, this post on espresso bars caught my attention and has a few new places for me to get hyper. They have some great posts, such as The Nine Circles of Times Square Hell (featuring the Hard Rock (my favourite restaurant, aged 9), Toys 'R' Us and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co; won't be going there then!), Caipirinhas in the City (my second favourite cocktail) and New York's Best Burgers (as a burger connoisseuse, I am shocked only to have been to #8 on that list and the others will have to work hard to beat Lever House's burger).

Gridskipper is particularly cool because each entry is tagged, so you can either browse by city (NYC, SF, Sydney, Paris, etc.) or by category (restaurants, bars, etc.). I have scribbled down a few entries into the Master Moleskine but as I am a complete tech addict, I couldn't possibly cope without my computer for two weeks and so baby Vaio is coming on holiday too (she's very excited).

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