04 August 2007

Circadian Confusion

Yesterday was quite a day. To get to the airport for a 2.15 pm flight I had to leave my house at about 7.45 am and so was already quite tired before I was even on the plane. The annoying self-check-in counter reduced chances of an upgrade to somewhere close to zero, although I did at least have lots of legroom as I was in an exit row.

When I got into SF, it was about 6 pm local time but I was feeling surprisingly awake given that I had been up for about 20 hours so I got the BART into town, checked into my hotel, had a shower and then went straight back out to meet some people from work at a bar near work called 21st Amendment. The bar was pretty nice and I even had a beer (shock horror!), which actually wasn't so bad (shock horror!). I hung out there for a few hours and then a few of us went up to a bar in the Castro where we went to a gig. The main act, St Vincent, was amazing; she had a gorgeous, haunting, spine-tingling voice and was well worth the wait (she didn't start playing until midnight). 

By about 12.45, which was 8.45 am British Time, I was finally starting to flag, and just to emphasise that chivalry isn't entirely dead (just moribund), one of the guys walked me back to my hotel where I passed out for eight hours. Now I seriously need some coffee!

Posted 8:31 am Pacific Time

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