10 March 2007

Save RP!

No, not received pronunciation (S(outhern) S(tandard) B(ritish) E(nglish) is the new RP, anyway), but Radio Paradise. Further to my recent rediscovery of this excellent internet radio station the other day, it turns out that they might not be in business for much longer, thanks to the US copyright Office increasing the royalty charges such stations have to pay to play the music they do. Not being a US citizen, I am unable to vote in the petition that has been started to save internet radio but I would certainly encourage any Americans out there to do so. Radio Paradise is just about the perfect radio station - it plays great music, has no commercials and Bill (the owner/DJ) has the most wonderful, gravelly voice that is just so soothing to listen too.

My email signature is going to be so long soon, but for now: Save Radio Paradise!

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