17 February 2007

Blog 2.0

Well, not in the Web 2.0 sense of blogging 2.0; rather, this is my second attempt at maintaining a blog, the first being initially rather successful (on a personal level, at least) but then I lost track somewhere along the way. Actually, it was more that there was too much confidential information along there and so all of the non-private posts tended to be about the latest books I had read.

Anyway, part of my job requires me to be aware of the coverage the journal I work for is getting in various blogs and having looked at a lot of different offerings, I realised I couldn't write anything as interesting as most of them. But I enjoy writing and I haven't done very much recently and so here I am, even though the last thing the web needs is yet another twenty-something rant at the world. Proper posts to follow soon.

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