2 June 2013

Home Décor 101

It's hard to believe I moved in to my flat over seven months ago. I've been so busy since then that it's only in the past month or so that I've actually started to make the place more presentable. Helped, of course, by the fact that the weather has been somewhat more clement over the past few weeks. One of the reasons I picked the flat was because it didn't need too much work doing, and after getting a couple of quotes for decorating and so on, I decided to do as much of it myself as possible. This wasn't always easy, as I take after my father rather than my mother in terms of DIY genes.

Before I went to Costa Rica, I stripped off the statement wallpaper in the living room, and over the May Day bank holiday weekend, I painted that same wall a light sky blue and painted my bedroom a pale mauve colour. This required multiple coats of base coat, as the bedroom was previously a rather oppressive shade of dark red.

Mauving in to the bedroom

There were a few hooks and nails in the flat when I moved in, so I used those where I could, but I have quite a few paintings and posters, and I also bought a clock and a couple of mirrors that needed to go up. Ditto the blinds for the living room, which are from John Lewis and in a light blue colour that matches the new wall almost exactly. I had a little help from various menfolk for some of the more advanced hanging tasks.

The living room

Cushions & coffee table from Habitat, mirror from Ikea, sofa from DFS (old).

My film map is now on the right wall, and I am particularly pleased with my Karlsson clock in three parts (keen observers will notice my obsession with maps and cityscapes), although it was a challenge to get the three sections lined up properly. Fortunately, with Papa's OCD-like ability to spot a crooked frame a mile off, and Maman's and Grandpapa's hanging skills, we got there in the end.

Dorothy film map, Karlsson NY skyline clock, John Lewis folding bookshelf.

I haven't done much with the kitchen yet, other than hanging my lovely Alice Tait Carte de Paris and obtaining a lavender plant, but it's a small room and I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to do.

La cuisine

Finally, I made it to B&Q yesterday for a reccy around the garden section. I bought a few pots and plants, including some peppers, and my parents brought me the petunias today. The next step is to get some lavender and some compost and to tidy up my window box.

Le balcon.

This won't be the end of the decorating process, of course, but I think it's not a bad start.

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