16 February 2013

The Bangles

One day last autumn, I was having dinner at my parents' house in The Shire when Eternal Flame started playing on Papa's iPod. We all started singing along. "Oh, wait, you know this one?" asks Papa. He had just discovered it only 20 years after the rest of us.

Anyway, this post is really about another kind of bangles: the wearable kind. I've recently acquired a few more bracelets in my jewellery collection, which I thought I would show off now that the weather in London is showing faint hints of spring, and I can start to wear my bracelets again.

The aqua coloured bangle in the middle and the multicoloured one on the right are, of course, from Kate Spade. I love her collection of 'idiom' bracelets, and the multicoloured bangle says "hit your stride" on the inside. A good choice for a runner like me. As I am almost always wearing something pink and/or turquoise, it will always go with my outfit too. The bracelet with the royal blue panel, second from the left, is from Anthropologie. I had been eyeing it up for ages, but thought its £18 price tag was a little hefty. Luckily, it was reduced in the Christmas sales and I got an additional 30% off the sale price, which meant I paid about £4 for it. Not bad. They have other, more spring-like colours available online; the mint green is particularly pretty. The hot pink bangle, second from the right, is from J. Crew (other colours here). They are normally $22, but when I was in New York before Christmas, J. Crew was doing an amazing 30% off everything sale, so mine was more like $15.

Last, but definitely not least, is the vintage London map cuff, from Etsy seller Jezebel Charms. I particularly like the fact that my new hood is depicted, although I am not sure how useful it will be as a navigation aid, should I ever be lost and without my iPhone. I'm a bit of a cartography geek, so this is another perfect bracelet for me, especially with the aesthetically pleasing, if not entirely reaslistic, turquoise Thames.

Technically, this isn't a bangle, but I never got round to putting it in a blog post at Christmas. I bought this Narrow Harry ring from Henri Bendel, after deliberating for ages which colourway to get. I was tempted by the rose gold with diamond-effect crystal version, as I really like rose gold, but it was a little too blingy for me. Also, they were offering 30% off the seasonal colours, and the seasonal colours of blue, pink and purple happened to be my favourites. I would have preferred a yellow or rose gold version, as I don't wear much silver, but I love my piece of colourful sparkle. They have some new seasonal colours online now; the light blue version is probably my favourite.

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