16 September 2012

Aerial Art

In addition to London Fashion Week, the London Design Festival just started and there are various exhibitions, pop-ups and events taking place all over town. Although I had read about it in Time Out, it was only when I noticed a few people Instagramming the sky in Covent Garden that I realised there was a row of coats suspended above Monmouth Street. This is, apparently, part of Seven Designers for Seven Dials. Art innit.

After popping into Dezeen Super Store a "micro-department store" (note: it's pretty small inside), which has relocated from Hackney to Monmouth Street and which has a whole host of beautiful and sometimes even useful products, I had a quick whip around some of the other Seven Dials streets. These are my three favourite installations:

Now that my penchant for clean lines and painfully gorgeous homeware products has been re-awoken, I may have to seek out some of the other London Design Week events and, especially, shops.

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