05 July 2012

Tesco or Tory Burch?

After yet another flat-hunting-related mission this evening, I had the opportunity to go to a normal-size (i.e. huge) Tesco. One with clothes. And as usual, there were a number of pretty and/or interesting fashion choices, although I only bought some pasta and a sweet potato.

The first thing that caught my eye was this pair of ballet flats, which bear a striking resemblance to Tory Burch's Reva Ballet Flats. Obviously, they are far from identical, but if you like the blingy gold adornment on the Revas and would rather pay £12.50 instead of £175, you could do worse than the Tesco shoes. I don't like suede (much less faux-suede) but the teal colour is pretty and they were fairly comfortable too.

Tesco's take on the Tory Burch Reva

A few months ago, I was very excited to buy a coral lace shift dress from F&F at Tesco for the princely sum of £12. In fact, I liked it so much I ordered another one in a pretty turquoise. Unfortunately, the fit is pretty erratic in these dresses--I guess I just got lucky with the coral dress--and the turquoise version hangs slightly too loose on me. It looks fine with a belt but it means that I haven't worn it as much as its coral relative. I was wary, then, when I saw the black version online; I wanted to try it on before buying. I tried two different black size sixes today and neither fit very well. The first was more like the turquoise dress (slightly too loose) and the second had a much better fit but its jersey lining ended about two inches above the hem. I almost bought the latter, but I've been trying to only buy clothes where the fit is perfect. Perhaps if I pass another normal-size Tesco, I'll find a better fitting UK6.

F&F black lace shift dress

There are some cheap and cheerful mix-and-match bikinis in the F&F collection too. This neon-blue-and-green top and its matching bottoms looks cute, and I also liked this blue, pink and purple set. At £3.30 per piece, the price is very reasonable but there weren't very many size/colour options in the store and they weren't displayed very nicely, putting me off from trying them on.

Summer scarf

Finally, in the queue for the checkout, I saw this scarf, which was £5 (it isn't online at the moment). It's quite lightweight and comes in pretty shades of purple and a soft pale blue and if I didn't already have far too many scarves, I might have bought it.

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