07 July 2012

Scarfing Down

I don't really enjoy shopping the sales and I'm sort of on a self-imposed shopping ban, post New York, but I was looking for a birthday card in Liberty this afternoon and just happened to pass through the Hall of Beautiful Girly Delights, where there just happened to be a big sale in the scarf section. I already have too many scarves and the price points were still slightly too high for a girl on a shopping ban so I resisted temptation in the end, but there are some great bargains to be had. I liked this blue and grey pashmina from Me & Kashmere, reduced from £125 to £62.50. There were also some lovely silk polka-dot Paul Smith scarves (also half price; the orange version is still available on the Paul Smith website). Somehow rifling through a box of sale items is much more exciting when they are all gorgeous scarves.

Liberty's oh-so-tempting scarf sale

I didn't learn my lesson, though, and when I went to Anthropologie, on the second part of the birthday mission, they too had a lot of pretty scarves in their sale. They were all brightly coloured and, in most cases, patterned, whereas if I am to buy any new scarves in the next few months, they will need to be more neutral.

Scarves in the Anthro sale

These were the scarves I spotted in Anthro's non-sale section. The grey scarf with the turquoise owl print was my favourite but at £68, I would have preferred to spend my money on one of the better-quality beauties on sale on Great Marlborough Street.

Other Anthro scarves

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