11 July 2012

Beyond the Rainbow

Bexquisite is on tour once again. This time I'm in Dublin for a conference. It should have been a simple hop from Heathrow, which would have got me to Dublin by 7.30, but soon after we boarded the plane, someone decided it was too stormy for us to take off so there we sat for two hours before we were finally given the all-clear. The situation was somewhat complicated by the fact that my phone had no reception from some point after I boarded the Heathrow Express, which meant I had no way of getting in touch with people to let them know I was going to be late and definitely wouldn't be there in time for dinner. I did briefly get a bit of O2 reception on the way into the city but it now seems to have vanished and the wifi in my hotel is both flaky and stingy. Oh, and to make matters worse, I only had a 50 euro note and the bus driver didn't have any change; luckily some benevolent dude subbed me the cash. Basically, it has been one of those days.

Follow that leprechaun

I haven't seen much of Dublin yet but I'm quite excited to explore. I have been doing some caffeine-related research and I will hopefully be reporting back on my findings in due course. I really just want to sleep now, but, in a rare sociable moment, I'm going to find out what you drink in Dublin if you don't like Guinness. 

Edit: My communications problems, at least, weren't just me, it seems. Love your work, O2.

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