09 May 2012

Basic Human Rights

I spotted this advert for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups recently and I definitely agree with the sentiment. Although you can get Reese's fairly easily in the UK now, I tend to save my indulgences for when I'm in the US. Sadly, peanut butter M&Ms remain difficult to obtain over here (Cyber Candy stock them but their Covent Garden store is always a zoo).

Fortunately, I will be able to stock up soon as I am going to New York next month. It will have been over nine months since my last visit, which may well be the longest I've gone without a Manhattan fix for quite some time, NYC visits being another one of my basic human rights luxuries. The full list is, of course, as follows:
  1. Daily (preferably twice daily) coffee
  2. (Thrice) weekly run 
  3. Monthly (preferably twice monthly) clothing purchase
  4. Annual (preferably biannual) New York trip
  5. Constant internets

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