27 May 2012

Arm Candy

I'm currently in the process of flat-hunting and because it was such a lovely day in London, I decided to go for a wander around Shepherd's Bush and Holland Park, to try to get a feel for the area. On the way, though, I bumped into Westfield and because I've still only been there once, I decided to have a quick look around--and cool-off. I ended up buying four bracelets, which is unusual for me, as I'm usually more of a necklace niña than a bracelet bird. They all have things in common with one another but I'm not sure I can wear all four at once.

From left to right, the first bracelet is from a shop called Bimba & Lola, a Spanish import I've been meaning to check out for a few months now. They have a huge range of gorgeous, girly accessories and clothes, including colourful leather purses and clutches, brightly coloured tops and quirky, unique jewellery. I was particularly taken by this gold bracelet, on which dozens of little stars (some of them slightly larger and in very on trend pastel colours) hang from the chain. It should have been £36, but they are doing a sale at the moment where you get about 20-40% off, so I only paid £24. Not bad for a pretty, interesting piece. My only problem is doing up the lobster-claw clasp one-handed.

The next bracelet is from Banana Republic and I've been lusting after it since last month. I made myself wait until pay-day but then didn't have the chance to search for it in the shops until this weekend. They only had the coral and green versions in the two central London branches so Westfield was my last hope for the cobalt blue and turquoise colourway. It's elasticated--and how could I resist two of my favourite colours in the same bracelet? This bracelet was £17.50; it's been in stores for a while now, so it may well go on sale soon, though.

Finally, a pair of coloured pearl bracelets from Oliver Bonas. I love to wear pearl bracelets, often in combination with other, more sparkly wrist wear, but although I have a chunky off-white pearl bracelet from Oliver Bonas and a purple one from a market in Oxford, I felt I was in need of something bluer, hence this slimmer, navy blue and turquoise pair. I did buy these before establishing that there definitely was a Banana Republic at Westfield and before I discovered that they did have the bracelet I wanted in stock, but as they were only £3.50 each, I decided to keep them.

And now I really do have to get back to saving my pennies for my upcoming New York trip!

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