11 March 2012

Un Œuf Is Not Enough

Years ago, Maman used to collect eggs. Not from the chickens, of course, but those small, artisanal eggs that you can sometimes buy in the gift shops of art museums. This was always a useful fallback present for her, when other ideas were lacking. I don't know what happened to her collection--perhaps she just all her eggs into one basket. To celebrate Easter this year, Fabergé has put on an eggstravagazna: a giant Easter egg hunt, giant both in scope and in the size of the eggs. They have hidden 200 artisanal egg sculptures throughout London, each of which bears a codeword, which, if texted to the special number given, translates into an entry into a competition to win a Fabergé golden egg, worth £100,000. Egg-citing, no [that's enough egg puns, ed]?

"Eggstatic Eggstasy" by MIA
When I say "hidden," I really mean "plonked on a plinth in places with high footfall." On my walk home from Soho, I spotted about seven or eight without even trying. I don't plan to enter the competition or put in a bid for one of the eggs, but I am interested in looking out for particularly pretty designs. My favourite so far (above) is based near the Mulberry shop in St Christopher's Place. I don't know a lot about art but I do like lots of bright colours! Apparently, it is called Eggstatic Eggstasy [I said, that's enough egg puns, ed] by MIA.

Metropolis by Rob & Nick Carter
You can browse the collection online too, and there are many other interesting designs. I quite like Metropolis (above) by Rob and Nick Carter of The Apprentice fame, and other cool designs include: Kingdom Crossing by Caio Locke, Inception by Candy & Candy, and Tommy Hilfiger's Prep Egg (below).

The Prep Egg by Tommy Hilfiger

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