25 February 2012

With This Ring...

Well, today was somewhat surreal. After a somewhat hectic day at the office, I headed home in time for le mariage de mon frère (I think the French have a website for that). As The Bro is still in darkest Canada, however, my participation was via the interwebs (Skype, more specifically). A couple of his former housemates, who are now my friends too, were with me in London and my parents dialled in from the Shire. The ceremony was fairly brief and official--they will probably have a bigger celebration at some point in the not-too-distant future--but we enjoyed it a great deal. Pigeon-friendly confetti was thrown and plenty of Prosecco was drunk.

This wedding is brought to you by [insert sponsor]
It does all feel slightly surreal. Can my little brother really be married without a big ceremony that my family and I attended? Apparently so; at least, according to the laws of the province in which he currently resides. So, here's to The Bro and The Sister-in-Law, who are spending the night in the presidential suite in one of the hotels in their town! It was nice to spend a bit more time with The SIL at Christmas and I think they are going to be very happy together.

The confetti was real. And pigeon-friendly.

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