09 December 2011

All That Glisters

I finally got around to buying the Oliver Bonas jewellery stand I recommended in my Christmas gift guide for girls. For the past few months, I've been using a hand sculpture of Papa's (a bit like this one from Fishs Eddy, although with the all the palmistry standards marked on) but because I have so many necklaces, no matter how carefully I layered them on the hand, I would tangle at least two of the necklaces at least once a week.

On my new jewellery stand, there are enough hooks to hang most of my favourite necklaces, although I've left a couple of my chunkier pieces hanging on my mirror. There's also a place to hold my bracelets and (hidden next to the bird at the top) my Kate Spade 'open spade' ring. The only downside is that the gold-coloured version of the stand was out of stock but I can live with my gold necklaces 'clashing' with the silver stand.

The following necklaces are pictured (left to right): purply-pink pendant from The Market NYC (similar design); hot pink chalcedony from Etsy (similar design); (behind bracelets) multicolour beads on a copper chain by Little0 via Etsy; green semi-precious stone with three gold hoops on a gold chain (from a street market in NoHo); turquoise chalcedony from Etsy; initial 'B' necklace from Delicate Raymond at The Market NYC; gold star necklace from The Market NYC (similar design); copper hoop on a gold chain from Andrew Clark Creations at Green Flea; my beautiful, long, multicoloured wrap necklace from Kate Spade.

Yes, most of my necklaces come from New York markets or from Etsy. I just find it hard to find simple but stylish, colourful and well-constructed jewellery from shops in the UK. Accessorize jewellery often looks and feels cheap and there's the danger of wearing the same piece as someone else.


  1. Can you tell me the name of the designer for the purple/pink pendant from the market nyc? I have one from there as well but cannot remember the designer's name!

  2. Unfortunately, I can't remember either. I did try to track the name of the designer down when I wrote a post about my trip to New York but didn't have any luck. Sorry! There are some similar designs on Etsy but they may not be as nice.