13 November 2011

Caffeine Confessions

I gave up on Starbucks coffee years ago--maybe six years ago now--and I usually only drink their coffee a) when there are no other viable caffeine options and b) in macchiato form, which still has the usual muddy aftertaste but is at least more coffee-like than their longer drinks. I am often tempted by their seasonal drinks, though, because they often seem to come in favourite flavours of mine, like pumpkin and crème brûlée.

Last week, when I wanted something sweet and hot, I gave the crème brûlée latte a shot. It was OK but still had that horrible aftertaste and the milk was, of course, scorched. Today I tried the toffee nut latte, which was more successful as it was sweet enough to mask the taste of the coffee. Don't get me wrong, I won't be abandoning the Espresso Room or the Sensory Lab any time soon, but on those cooler winter days when I'm already sufficiently caffeinated but want a hot drink, maybe I won't be quite so quick to turn up my nose at 'Bucks.

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