31 October 2011

The Ties That Bind

I've always been a scarf wearer but for most of my 27 25/26 years, I chose my scarves for warmth reasons, sometimes even double scarfing. Whether through Nature or nurture, I have recently inherited Papa's predilection for stylish scarves and I've bought quite a few new ones over the past six months or so. So many, in fact, that I have to hang them from a coat hanger, rather than trying to pile them all onto one of my two coat hooks.
I only wear a maximum of two scarves at any one time

The seven scarves pictured are the ones in my current "autumn" rotation. From left to right: grey Zara feather-print scarf; turquoise jersey French Connection infinity scarf; teal Benetton scarf; beetroot, green and teal Urban Outfitters infinity scarf (2010); purple and grey Top Shop infinity scarf; purple and pink J. Crew scarf; and pink jersey French Connection infinity scarf. Yes, they are all in shades of blue, pink, purple and green, just like the rest of my clothes. I may have to switch in my big, emerald green pashmina soon; sadly, my only cashmere scarf is black and I rarely wear black.

Stylish Anthro birthday voucher
The one advantage of a scarf crush over, say, a Mulberry handbag habit, is that scarves tend to be much cheaper (well, the kind of scarves I buy, anyway, all but one of which were £25 or under). This is convenient given that Anthropologie have just sent me my birthday present, a voucher for 15% off my total spend in store (I've obviously cut back on my Anthro spending, as last year they gave me a 30% voucher). Scarves, other accessories and candles are probably the best ways to avoid leaving the store with an empty wallet (or, worse, an empty bank account).

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