23 October 2011

Jewellery Shopping -- in Spades

 Since Fashion's Night Out, I've been trying to stay away from the new Kate Spade store in Covent Garden. They have too many nice things and it's just too tempting. I've been coveting a little gold bow ring for a while now and when a blog I sometimes read pointed me to the Kate Spade website today, I noticed they were doing a 30% discount on everything until the end of today. They don't have a UK website yet but I thought I'd pay a visit to Covent Garden just in case.

They didn't have the bow ring in stock, sadly, but they did have the open spade ring, which I also like--it has a nice, clean design and I think it's a bit different. When I asked how much it was, the assistant picked up her calculator and told me it was £28 with a 30% discount. And is the discount on everything? Yes, but it ends today and there won't be another discount day until after Christmas. Hmm, I thought, perhaps I had better buy the ring and, while I'm at it, buy this gold bangle as a birthday present for Maman, whose similar gold bangle broke recently.

At the till, there were a series of unfortunate events. First, the bangle kept coming up as £73 after the discount ("but it's only £25 at full price," I said, grabbing one of the other bangles from the display). For some reason the right bangle wasn't showing up in their system but eventually, she managed to put it through, although the purchasing and gift wrap was a slow process. "The box with the ribbon on is the bangle for your mum," the assistant told me. It was lucky that I wanted to wear the ring right away because when I got outside and opened the box without the ribbon, I found the bangle inside. I rolled my eyes, opened the other box and found...another bangle. I took it back inside and eventually, I got the ring and the other box was rewrapped. I'm not sure if they gave my original ring to someone who was trying to buy a bangle. Oh dear.

I am now wondering whether it was all a ploy to make me stand next to the display of wallets and passport holders long enough to tempt me into buying the turquoise passport holder I really wanted to buy. If I hadn't bought the two pieces of jewellery, I would definitely have gone for it but in the end I remained strong. It's probably a good thing they don't have Kate Spade at the Heathrow duty free!

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