15 October 2011

Falling Off My Pedestal

I've been pretty good, shopping-wise, for the past few months and although I did buy a few things in New York, I was more restrained than usual. As the weather has decided it is now officially autumn, I thought it would be acceptable to buy a few things to bring my wardrobe in line with the season. First stop was my recent rediscovery, Dorothy Perkins, where I bought another LCD, this one a dark teal wrap dress, which was, I thought quite good value at £25 and will go with all the navy, purple and pink I usually wear.

The good thing about getting over my Anthropologie addiction (don't get me wrong, I still like Anthro, but I've got bored of paying £80 for a skirt or £130 for a dress, when there are other cheaper and sometimes prettier options), is that in comparison a dress from Dotty P feels like an incredible bargain, and even French Connection dresses don't seem too expensive. I am addicted to French Connection's jersey dresses with cap sleeves and a waist tie. They bring out several new colours this season and I already have it in in royal blue, pink and turquoise (my three favourite colours) and in navy, red and white. You can dress them up with heels and a jacket or go casual with a cardi and flip flops and I usually wear at least one of them most weeks. I did try to restrain from buying another one, because at £67 (they were £52 last year), they aren't particularly cheap, although the cost-per-wear is low.

But  naughty FCUK keep bringing out pretty colours and patterns, like this navy and black bird print version. Royal blue, though, always tempts me, especially when stars are involved and so it was, perhaps, inevitable that the star dancing frill sleeve version would win me over. Confusingly, they keep changing the fit of the dress, so the first dress I bought was a UK 6, and was the perfect fit and length.

The second dress, also a UK 6, fitted well but was several inches longer than the other one and Maman had to take it up for me. The dress I bought today was too short in a 6, and the waist tie was placed higher, so that it came across my ribcage. The size 8 was much better in both length and waist tie placement. Hopefully, this time they will stick with the same measurements. Oh, and I got a free washbag with some nice-looking travel size toiletries, courtesy of a code from the O2 priority rewards app.

Finally, I used the last of my TopShop vouchers (O2's bribe to keep me for another year) to buy an infinity scarf, which is shades of grey and purple and has a slightly snakey print. They had it in a raspberry pink version too but because I wear so much pink, the purple will probably be more versatile. I was even prepared to queue for 15 minutes in the teenage hell that is TopShop Oxford Circus to buy the scarf, which shows how much I like it.

On my way home, I went to Selfridges to check out the Moleskine section. They have clearly run out of ideas for new products because the only new things I saw were a series of gift sets--a travel set, containing their travel journal and some luggage tags, for example. One of these was the writing set, which costs £30 and contains...the pocket size ruled notebook (£9.99 in Selfridges, I think) and a flat Moleskine flat pen (£12.99). Oh, and quite a nice box, which is, apparently, worth £7. Given that you can buy the notebook for £5.50 and the pen for about £9.50 on Amazon, this gift set is very bad value--far better would be to buy these two items online, find a nice box in Paperchase and spend the remaining £12 on another gift!

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