15 October 2011

Fall Has Fallen

Hyde Park was beautiful during my run this morning. It was lovely and sunny but there was a crisp freshness in the air that made me wonder, for the first five minutes at least, whether I should have cracked out my running gloves for the first time of the season. Although it was cooler in the more shaded parts of the park, running conditions were most pleasant. What are the odds that the weather will stay just like this until next April--or even until next week?!

This photo, meanwhile, appears courtesy of two new features in iOS 5. First, the ability to open the camera function directly from the locked screen, without having to unlock and then open the camera, by which time, the moment is often gone. The second feature is iCloud, which allows the automatic synching of your content (including photos) between your iPhone, iPad and computer, without needing to connect via USB (or email the photo to yourself from your phone, which is how I used to get single photos off my iPhone).

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