05 August 2011

Free Frae Friday

Thanks to the Londonist, I found out that frozen yogurt chain Frae were giving away free fro yo at their Islington branch today in honour of its second birthday. It's been years since I've eaten frozen yogurt and I remember trying a particularly un-ice-cream-like plain fro yo, which put me off for many years. Besides, wasn't it all just an '80s thing? Well, yes, but now fro yo is cool again and ubiquitous, what with Snog (which I avoid mainly on the basis of its name; I loathe the word snog) and Yuforia are two other-London based purveyors.

A free small plain fro you with one topping was the perfect opportunity to give fro yo another try. I think I read that a small cup of the plain flavour has only 82 calories, although probably not when you opt for Oreo cookies as your topping, as I did. The fruit toppings (fresh strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapples and many other options) all looked very tempting, though, and the small cup was plenty big enough for me. As for the taste, it's come a long way since my last frozen yogurt experience but the plain variety definitely still has that yogurty tang. It was smooth, creamy and tasty, however, and I'd probably enjoy the strawberry flavour if I went back to Frae again.

And Frae Islington is open until 10 pm so you still have time to head down to Camden Passage for some free fro yo fun.

On a related note, when did we Brits switch to using yogurt without an h as the standard spelling? I'd always written the word yoghurt but given that Time Out and most of the fro yo purveyors seem to spell it yogurt, for once I caved and went with with the masses.

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