08 April 2011

Shopping Ban Day 31

Suddenly, this 'ere Lenten shopping ban isn't seeming like such a good idea. First, the lovely pink bag from Anthropologie has sold out online only two days after going on sale. As I stipulated in my rules that I was allowed to buy one item during Lent if I really, really wanted it, I could technically have bought it once it went on sale but I wanted to wait until after the ban has finished if possible. There is a chance one of the stores will still have the bag and tomorrow, I'll make my first trip to Anthro since the ban started. It is likely, however, that the bag is gone for good. Stupid shopping ban.

Second, this self-imposed spendthriftiness is making me feel guilty about every purchase I make, whether it's food or my first haircut in nearly five months. This is not good and is, of course, a product of my slightly OCD ways.

The only slight silver lining in my shopping cloud is that my parents did buy me a new bag (well, a wristlet) in New York. It's the exact shade of turquoise that I love. I've never been good with small handbags, let alone tiny ones, but this little number might be the bag to convert me, especially now that the weather is so nice in London (warm weather requires less kit, I find). It has three little pockets and I can just about squeeze in my camera, iPhone, keys, cash/cards and lip balm, which is fine, although I do have to carry my water bottle separately.

But it doesn't quite make up for the probable loss of the Never a Dull Moment bag. Bah! Humbug...

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